Self-promotion through social media

Look at me now

by Kenza Nassila

Let’s face it, we all love talking about ourselves. We live in a society where Internet allows us to share almost everything, even our private pictures. So, how does it work? The more ‘likes’ we have the better we should feel? 

The first goal of social media was to create another way of communication but clearly, its main aim in our personal lives is to show how our lives are.

It is a bit funny or scary to realize how social media can control our lives and what we think about ourselves. Who has not spent hours visiting profiles of people we do not even know?

We sometimes forget that Facebook and Instagram do not represent reality. Actually, we, girls, should know better because we can spend half an hour choosing which profile picture we should post (I say ‘we’ because it makes me feel better to think that I am not the only one).

However sharing our lives with our friends online (who are not really our friends) can change our vision of our self-esteem. Have a look at your Facebook or your Instagram accounts and you will see how YOU design the life you want to have by posting the best picture of you. Seriously, is it really the life we live or the life we want the others think we have?

Being obsessed with sharing too much information on social media is like thinking that others’ opinions matter more than what we like and what we want.

According to a global survey only 4% of women think they are beautiful. Spending too much time on social media can make us feel that our lives, compared to others, are not good enough and consequently that we are not good enough.

Dove Company has decided to do something against this “beauty pressure” by creating a new advertising campaign. The goal is to make women understand they are all beautiful in their own way.

It is time to raise our head from our devices and start living and loving our lives for real. Deal?


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